All about The Staging Post

The Staging Post is a project driven by John Lagerlow to rescue the disused federation post office building in Trundle.

The history of the building

The National Archives of Australia has the original plans of the building and volumes of correspondence and official documents relating to the post office.

Included amongst these documents are the letters from enthusiastic locals who vied to sell their land to the Federal Government when a tender was called for a new post office in Trundle in 1910.

The tender was finally won with a claim that the tenderer’s land was “the highest in town” and thus free from the risk of flooding.

A great many of Trundle’s senior residents have worked, at one time or another, in the building – the post office being one of the stable providers of employment before the age of modern digital communications.

The grounds are unusually large as the postmaster’s house originally stood behind the office. It was also deemed appropriate to buy the adjacent southern block to protect the postmaster’s amenity. Sadly the postmaster’s house burnt to the ground in the 1980s.

Australia Post ceased trading at 29 Forbes Street on 30th August 2013, exactly 100 years after it opened.

The building has been undergoing extensive restoration since early 2015 and in 2017 opened to become the home of The Staging Post — a venue for community activity and film screenings run by John.

About John

After retiring from the family business in 2007, John again took up studying his old love of filmmaking and earned an Advanced Diploma in Screen from Tafe Randwick and a Post Graduate qualification in Directing from The Australian Film, Television, and Radio School (AFTRS). He is also qualified in Training and Assessment.

John began the Trundle Film Society in April 2017 and membership has been growing ever since. 

John also runs Central West Films and has made a number of short films locally since arriving in Trundle in 2014.